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Vem är jag?

Jag heter Vendela Söderberg och är utbildad lärare och journalist.

År 2016 omvandlade jag min passion för skola och lärande till ett heltidsjobb. Numera erbjuder jag privatlektioner i svenska till barn, vuxna och företag som kontaktar mig för hjälp.

Under årens gång har jag fått rykte om mig att leverera garanterade resultat och att ha färdigheterna som krävs för att få mina studenter att prestera i ämnet svenska. Jag undervisar studenter på olika kunskapsnivåer, runt om i världen - både online och genom fysiska möten.

Hör av dig om du behöver en erfaren lärare i svenska, så planerar vi in ett passande program.

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Our students

Our students come from different countries around the world. Many students have just arrived in Sweden and are looking for a teacher who can help them learn the language quickly. Other students live abroad or are attending International schools, but have Swedish as their mother tongue and want to continue to develop within their home language.

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Dr Simone Bunse, Germany

“We are a family of four who took beginners Swedish classes with Vendela in 2020. Every class (both in person and virtual) had clear learning objectives and was very well prepared. Vendela adapted both the content, as well as the pace of each class to our family’s needs. She integrated the right amount of homework, quizzes and challenges into the course to ensure we advance steadily without the language becoming a burden on top of school or professional responsibilities. Vendela was also a source of advice without which settling in in Sweden would have taken much longer. Beyond being an effective Swedish instructor, Vendela is somebody who cares deeply and takes an interest in her students and the families she works with. I recommend her class most highly.”

Julius, 15 år

Jag vill definitivt säga att jag är bättre på svenska nu och att du får ett A+ på det amerikanska skolsystemet eller A på det svenska skolsystemet.

Abhijeet Ghag

Vendela has been a good teacher and she takes a good amount of effort in understanding the efforts needed to train her students. She made language learning fun by incorporating real life examples, topics and gaming. Starting with the very basics and spending more time with that and gradually increasing the speed of learning helped in those one hour sessions. I would definitely recommend Vendela to Swedish learning classes.

Efi Koutelida

I had Vendela as a teacher in Swedish for 3 months. She is a teacher that can recognize these parts that a student needs to work mostly and she has the will to search different ways to achieve it.

The lesson with her was always a great time  of learning and not stressful at all. Only in a short time I had a better a knowledge in grammar and pronunciation and It was a surprise that I could write a small text and speak in a way that it was struggle me before.

 I surely recommend her,  she really loves her job!!

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